Hydroseeding Lawns

If you want to install a new lawn, hydroseeding might be the best option. However, this method does require that you prepare the soil well. You should remove rocks, weeds, and grass before hydroseeding. A professional hydroseeder will spray the hydroseed mixture and water over the lawn area with a hose. The mixture is thick and adheres to the soil. Once the hydroseed slurry dries, the seeds will not be exposed to the sun or wind.


Hydroseeding is a proven process. It is the best solution to quickly and widely seed a large area. This method is often used on inactive lots and in front entrances and paths. Although hydroseeding may cost more than dry seeding, it is far less expensive than soding. The advantages of hydroseeding are numerous, and there are some important things to consider before getting started. For starters, hydroseeding is a lot faster than traditional seeding methods.

Another advantage of hydroseeding is its cost effectiveness. It is considerably cheaper than sodding with mature grass. In addition, hydroseeding can cover a large area at a fraction of the cost of sodding. Hydroseeding can be used on slopes, difficult to reach areas, and even stockpiles. Hydroseeding is also environmentally friendly, as you can use native and custom-blended seed mixtures.

In addition to its low cost, hydroseeding allows you to avoid the time and labor cost of sod installation. You can also mix different types of grass seeds and can access hard-to-reach areas. However, hydroseeding has several disadvantages, including a shorter planting window than sod. It is not recommended for areas with a limited water supply. You should always consult a professional before hydroseeding your yard.

The first hydroseed lawn is ready to be mowed when the tallest shoots reach three or four inches. You can discontinue watering a day before mowing to let the soil stabilize and dry. During the first two mowings, you should cut the grass blade without cutting more than one third. For the first two mowings, make sure to cut the grass blade on the highest setting possible. This will help the grass to establish itself.

The cost of hydroseeding varies from $350 to $2000. It can take anywhere from 30 to 40 days to sprout up grass, so you should allow at least four to six weeks for the process to complete. Afterward, you can resume mowing the grass. During this time, you should limit foot traffic on the area until the grass seeds begin to germinate. The final cost depends on the size of the yard, the slope, and the location.

If you are looking to install a new hydroseed lawn, it is best to do so in the spring or fall. Spring is ideal for hydroseeding, because the soil is still warm and receptive to water. In the heat and dry summer, grass struggles to grow and establish itself before winter. Depending on the climate and type of hydroseed, you can obtain hydroseeding quotes from reputable companies. There are several benefits of hydroseeding compared to seeding.

Unlike sod, hydroseeding is an economical way to plant a new lawn. It also promotes more even growth and coverage. Whether you’re planning to use hydroseed for a lawn or for commercial landscaping, you should find a reliable provider, or elsewhere in the world. If you’re looking for a reliable hydroseeding company in the area, contact LC Property Maintenance today. They specialize in residential hydroseeding and commercial hydroseeding.

If you’re considering hydroseeding for your lawn, be prepared to invest in some equipment. The most professional hydroseeders can be rented or purchased. They will use a specialized nozzle to spray the mixture across the soil. Aftercare is critical. If you don’t take proper care of your newly seeded lawn, it will suffer permanent damage and leave bare patches. This is because hydroseeding requires intensive watering.

While hydroseeding may be a more expensive option than sodding, it does offer many benefits. A hydroseed lawn will sprout blades of grass within a week, whereas sod requires more work. A hydroseed lawn will need to be mowed after three to four weeks. The hydroseed mixture includes mulch that promotes seed germination faster. Mulch also helps control dust and stabilizes the soil. Despite being more expensive than sod, hydroseeding will save you a significant amount of money.